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ABNA offers many testing and inspection services and has supported capital projects by providing technicians and on-site field personnel.   ABNA is staffed with eighteen (18) technicians adept in ACI Level I & II, Asphalt, Soil, Nuclear Gauge, MODOT and IDOT certifications.  ABNA has several experienced construction inspectors and five (5) nuclear gauges for soil and asphalt testing. ABNA operates an in house Corps of Engineers Validated and AASHTO accredited laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for all testing and inspection tasks and is licensed in the states of Missouri and Illinois.  For your structural inspection requirements, ABNA has certified welding inspectors to provide on-site steel inspection of structural steel members as well as NBIS inspectors to handle in service bridge remediation.

New Berkeley/McCluer High School The New I-64 Design/Build
MoDOT Route 367 Reconstruction Metro Cross County Light Rail Extension
Habitat for Humanity St. Louis Urban Development

New Berkely/McCleur High School

Owner: Ferguson-Florissant School District
Client: Kozeny Wagner, Inc.

ABNA conducted construction observation and quality control services for 8.5 acres of site grading (including 3 acres of sports fields), 1,200ft of storm sewers, 820 ft of sanitary sewer, building demolition and hazardous waste monitoring.  Duties included soil testing, storm & sanitary pipe installation inspection, settlement gauge monitoring, field documentation and demolition inspection. This 800 student state-of-the-art facility features a two-story 185,000 sq. ft. building, a separate academic wing, an indoor swimming pool, a 900-seat gymnasium, a 500-seat auditorium and all new indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


The New I-64 Design/Build

Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation
Client: Parsons

This fast paced Project included a complete reconstruction of I-64/Hwy40  and its associated appurtenances. This $535 million Capital Project is located over a 12 mile stretch of Missouri’s Interstate.  ABNA provided engineering design including structural, drainage and utility designs.  The structural design included the I-170 flyways, several bridges and a pedestrian tunnel ; drainage design entailed accommodating flow for the new pavement including several retention ponds; and utility design entailed relocations for more than 20 individual utilities within the corridor such as for fiber, cable, sewer, water, electric and gas.  In addition, ABNA provided inspectors and field technicians during the infrastructure’s construction.


MoDOT Route 367 Reconstruction

Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
Client: CMT

This congestion relief project to convert Route 367 to an uninterrupted freeway from I-270 to New Jamestown Road converted the existing outer roads (Lusher and Benham) to one-way outer roads. Texas turnarounds were introduced at four major intersections, new bridges were constructed at the intersections and vertical profile of the new alignment dramatically changed. The project also removed all traffic lights along mainline Route 367. ABNA provided phase III engineering services including construction inspection, materials testing and construction layout.

Metro Cross County Light Rail Extension

Owner: Metro
Client: Cross County Collaborative

ABNA established the coordinate position of “second-order” monumentation markers for the entire 8-mile light rail extension section. Fifteen (15) 1st order monuments were set. Approximately 100 2nd order monuments were set 500’ apart along the 8-mile alignment. ABNA also provided route surveys for the alignment and boundary surveys to establish ROW for the alignment. ABNA prepared ROW plats to document ROW takings. A monumentation manual was also developed by ABNA.


Habitat for Humanity St. Louis Urban Development Design

Owner: Habitat for Humanity, St. Louis

ABNA provided field reconnaissance, survey and civil design for nearly 30 LEED Platinum certified homes with an additional 24 currently under construction. These new homes incorporate green concepts that are not yet common to St. Louis such as Geothermal Heating and Rain Gardens. The partnership of Habitat’s efforts and ABNA’s rain garden design which incorporate water purification and rain harvesting into the landscape are helping to shape policy for the local sewer district, which has authority for water conveyance for two counties in the region. These homes have provided a dramatic transformation of a community that was overrun with vacant properties and has also provided an opportunity to educate new homeowners on their environmental footprint and the importance of living environmentally conscience