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ABNA provides structural design and project management on many types of facilities: bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, prestressed concrete for industrial buildings and parking structures, platforms for transit structures and specialty structures.  Our structural engineers have facilitated seismic designs for a variety of bridge projects along major interstates in addition to bridge inspections.  We have provided in depth inspections of rebar, steel bolt, girder and shear stud connectors, coordinated with various authorities to prepare design and construction reports, provided structural design reviews to determine structural integrity of bridges.

Metro Cross County Light Rail Extension USACE - Mississippi River Flood Wall Gates
The New I-64 Design/Build MSD CSO Interceptor & Outfall Modifications
Lindbergh Tunnel at Lambert International Airport

Metro Cross County Light Rail Extension

Owner: Metro
Client: Cross County Collaborative

ABNA established the coordinate position of “second-order” monumentation markers for the entire 8-mile light rail extension section. Fifteen (15) 1st order monuments were set. Approximately 100 2nd order monuments were set 500’ apart along the 8-mile alignment. ABNA also provided route surveys for the alignment and boundary surveys to establish ROW for the alignment. ABNA prepared ROW plats to document ROW takings. A monumentation manual was also developed by ABNA.


USCOE - Mississippi River Flood Wall Gates 

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

    This project involves alterations and repairs to14 closure structures that are part of the City of St. Louis Flood Protection system. The original steel swing gates at these sites will be removed and demolished. repairs are required at 4 structures by replacing the existing deficient steel swing gates and seals with new gates and seals. Alterations are required at 10 structures by constructing reinforced concrete walls that attach to the existing abutments and sills and permanently seal the openings. The alterations and repairs are designed to add little or no loading to the existing foundations. All new reinforced concrete walls and new steel swing gates provide adequate strength for two design load cases; one with flood water 2 feet below the top of wall and one with flood water at the top of wall.
    In addition to the design of the closure structures, ABNA evaluated the existing right-of-way to determine adequacy for construction and to determine additional staging areas were required. The specifications include sections for structural demolition, metal, concrete, rubber seals, and painting as well as the Bidding Schedule, Submittal Registrar and the Order and Coordination of Work. A critical issue is minimizing the risk of flooding during construction. This will be accomplished by stating in the Order and Coordination of Work that prior to removing a gate, a 7-day river stage forecast can identify the need for gate closures and no openings in the floodwall will be permitted with the river stage at 20 feet. Additionally, no more than three closures will be specified to be dismantled at any time.

The New I-64 Design/Build

Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation
Client: Parsons

This fast paced Project included a complete reconstruction of I-64/Hwy40  and its associated appurtenances. This $535 million Capital Project is located over a 12 mile stretch of Missouri’s Interstate.  ABNA provided engineering design including structural, drainage and utility designs.  The structural design included the I-170 flyways, several bridges and a pedestrian tunnel ; drainage design entailed accommodating flow for the new pavement including several retention ponds; and utility design entailed relocations for more than 20 individual utilities within the corridor such as for fiber, cable, sewer, water, electric and gas.  In addition, ABNA provided inspectors and field technicians during the infrastructure’s construction.


MSD CSO Interceptor & Outfall Modifications

Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

ABNA was responsible for seven (7) sewer outfall structures supported on steel piles and provided steel sheet piling for erosion protection along the Mississippi River from south St. Louis to the Merchant’s RR Bridge. The CSO’s are being designed in accordance with the Overflow Regulation System (ORS) and the interceptors inspected to help provide alternatives & recommendations to MSD. All efforts were coordinated with the COE – St. Louis District.


Lambert International Airport’s Lindbergh Tunnel

Owner: Lambert International Airport
Client: URS Corporation

    ABNA provided civil engineering design services for a 2,100-foot long, 6-lane roadway tunnel beneath the new runway and taxiways installed to support the Lambert St. Louis International Airport Expansion Program. ABNA provided structural design engineering services for a 2,100-foot long, 6 lane roadway tunnel beneath the new runway and taxiways installed to support the Lambert St. Louis International Airport Expansion Program.
    Civil design included earthwork and subgrade improvement; paved tunnel approaches and roadway alignments and grades; surface and subsurface longitudinal and transverse drainage systems; and north and south tunnel portals.