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ABNA employs Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to establish infrastructure needs/costs/capacity analysis, environmental analysis, development regulations and collection of public input. Using GIS software, datasets can be designed and built in conjunction with comprehensive site analysis. This technology allows for the use of diverse spatial analysis, which allows the user to answer both simple and complex questions, predict results and test alternative—this would not always be practical or affordable using conventional methods. ABNA has expertise in all major mapping, GIS and database software including MicroStation MGE/MGA, Arc/Info, Oracle and AutoCAD. ABNA has built one of the largest surveying and GIS databases in Missouri. These resources allow ABNA to respond quickly to project tasks, efficiently mobilize qualified personnel and produce quality mapping products.

IL 159 Phase I & II MSD Seperate Sewer Inflow/Inflitration Studies District Wide
Great Rivers Greenway Citizen Driven Regional Plan Lincoln University Buffalo Soldier Memerial Plaza
MSD General Sewer System Planning

IL 159 Phase I & II

Owner: Illinois Department of Transportation

The IDOT Route 159 project covered approximately 1.75 miles of improvements extending from S. Morrison Ave north through Collinsville to the Belt Line Road intersection. Improvements consisted of full depth patching, 2 ¼” milling, replacing with ¾” leveling binder course and 1 ½” surface course. The intersection at Beltline was also widened to accommodate a new right turn lanes from Pine Lake Road to IL 59, a right turn from Beltline to IL 159 and from IL 159 to Pine Lake road going west. An additional left turn lane was added to IL 159 to Beltline road. The project also involved 3R intersection reconfiguration at Beltline Road. All new islands and signals were installed at this intersection. Overall improvements will increase the roadway’s capacity with two through lanes in each direction and thereby reduce accident rates at known high accident locations. ABNA prepared the Phase I study and performed Phase II engineering services for this project. Responsibilities included route surveys, utility reconnaissance, IDS, NEPA process, Drainage study, structure reports and TSL plans. For the phase II contract, ABNA prepared preliminary and final contract plans including plan and profile sheets, specifications, estimates, roadway design geometrics, drainage design, pavement design, pavement marking, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) and new detector loops.


MSD Separate Sewer Inflow/Infiltration

Great Rivers Greenway Citizen Driven Regional Plan 

Owner: Great Rivers Greenway
 ABNA provided GIS services for Great Rivers Greenway (formerly Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District) one of the largest GIS projects in the region. Currently this planning project is one of the largest in the country, at a minimum it provides a cohesive corridor of parks and trails throughout St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County covering an area of approximately 1200 square miles. ABNA collected data such as soils, topography, designated open spaces, flood plain information, governmental units, recreation facilities including existing parks, trails and sport facilities, in addition to proposed recreation facilities, for three counties, St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. A majority of the data’s resource was generated from various governmental agencies and aerial photographs. Additional resource entailed GPS field data collection being performed for verification and recent construction locations. This massive data collection was then compiled and combined utilizing GIS to support GRG planning efforts for this comprehensive community engagement project. Highlights and Achievements. 
Utilized GIS to manipulate one of the largest planning projects to date
Coordinated several individually referenced data sources into one from various counties
Final product allowed GRG to more successfully plan contiguous park corridors between St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County

Lincoln University: Buffalo Soldier Memorial Plaza               

Owner: Lincoln University
Client: Christner, Inc.
ABNA was responsible for civil improvements necessary for development of this two-acre Lincoln University site in Jefferson City, MO into a new memorial plaza.  The focal point of the improvements included a Buffalo Soldier sculpture – a network of sidewalks to improve pedestrian movement through the quadrangle and a grand set of terrace steps linked the Scruggs University Center with the plaza.

MSD General Sewer System Planning

Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Jacobs Engineering

ABNA was responsible for the analysis and report preparation of proposed stormwater plans for the last 4 years. It consists of the identification of sanitary and storm problem areas for both enclosed systems and open channels based on customer complaints as complied by MSD over the years; the recommendation of viable solutions with cost benefit analysis, and the inventorying of as-built detention/retention basins within the jurisdiction of the district.